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Pitts, Prudes and Percatious People

I don’t feel like going into a giant tirade on people and there fear of Pittbulls as I am trying to be as unbiased as I can considering I am the “mother” lol of 3 myself. In the Vancouver area and I’m sure in many other places, we have MASSIVE stigmas about Pittbulls. I 100% completely understand peoples fear of Pittbulls and most of it stems from ignorance and or over sensationalized news stories (some of which are horrific and my heart goes out to victims who have been attacked). Anyhow, I hear this phrase all the time been around Pits for a long time and have never been so much as growled at or barked at by them. Our Pittbull just recently gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. Getting rid of them however was kind of difficult as I believe that the reason for vicious Pittbulls is there upbringing and owner. We were very selective of the people we let our puppies go to which ended up being hard seeing as many “decent” people had the vicious Pitt stigma already embedded in their minds. The majority of potential buyers were young gangster type guys who couldn’t wait to clip their ears and walk them around town with spiked collars on. Not on our watch was that going to happen. Eventually, we sent out pups to awesome families who can give them love and bring them up to be sweet affectionate pets. Our dogs are the sweetest, most fun loving, loyal pets we could ever ask for and I just wish others could see our “babies” how I see them not as mean assholes of animals.


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